Here’s What Happened When Jonah Hill Met JD Harmeyer’s Girlfriend at ‘SNL’

“I was truly shocked,” the actor tells Howard about his epic encounter

August 17, 2016
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Very few people have been lucky enough to meet the woman who has stolen JD Harmeyer’s heart, and Jonah Hill is one of them. He described for Howard what it was like meeting the Stern Show staffer’s girlfriend backstage at “Saturday Night Live.”

“I met the girlfriend … I was truly shocked,” he told Howard during his Wednesday morning interview. The encounter occurred just as Jonah was about to host the late night show and he put in a request to get a Flat Ronnie, in case they could use it on air. As exciting as getting a Flat Ronnie is, Jonah, a longtime Stern fan, got even more pumped when he found out JD and his girlfriend were delivering him the life-size cutout.

c/o Jonah Hill c/o Jonah Hill

“JD just rolls up with the girlfriend,” Jonah said. But when he tried to explain to everyone else at “SNL” what a big deal it was to meet her, there was only one woman in the makeup department that shared in Jonah’s enthusiasm.

“I was looking around and was like, ‘the girlfriend’s here!'” Jonah said. Once he calmed down, Jonah was able to talk to JD and his girl for a while. “They were both so sweet,” he told Howard.

“I have a lot of friends, both female and male, who, when they find a partner that is really special, it kind of brings out this amazing calm,” Jonah said, explaining he saw that change in JD. “He seemed just happier.”