Show Rundown: September 28, 2016

Kate Hudson stops by ahead of the release of "Deepwater Horizon"

September 28, 2016

Good Morning Everybody!

Periscope Periscope

Howard tried to untangle himself from the “Benjy Vortex” as the show buzzed to life on Wednesday, explaining to Robin that he was parrying political questions from Benjy.

Instead of playing into Benjy’s schtick, Howard noted that he was fascinated by how the balding staffer had positioned his headphones in the perfect way as if to make it look like he actually had a hairline.

“It’s a headphone toupee,” Fred added as a matter of fact.

Howard also played a bizarre Benjy clip for his listeners first thing in the morning. Apparently, like Jeff the Drunk, Benjy has been streaming live on Periscope in an attempt to gain a devoted following and in a recent outing almost got physically attacked.

Benjy has been approaching people and telling them that he is a male hooker, which led to the contentious altercation where he was verbally assaulted. “I was being gay bashed!” Benjy insisted.

Howard and Robin simply couldn’t figure out what was funny about the bit — especially after hearing that Benjy reported the guy as a potentially dangerous individual to police after the fact.

“Every good comedy bit needs the police intervening,” Howard joked.

“I had no idea that he was up to that,” a baffled Robin added.

Exiting the “Benjy Vortex, ” Howard had Leon Spinks announce today’s guest, actress Kate Hudson!

Kate stars alongside Mark Wahlberg in the Peter Berg-directed biographical disaster thriller “Deepwater Horizon,” based on the infamous 2010 oil rig explosion and subsequent spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The film hits theaters Sept. 30.