Show Rundown: October 3, 2016

Howard gets a film offer, Robin Lord Taylor pops in to talk "Gotham," and "Jesse Ventura" sits in on the news

October 3, 2016

Good Morning Everybody!

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

“The Larry Sanders Show” has been re-airing on HBO (and streaming on HBO GO), so over the weekend Robin was watching some of her favorite episodes and came across Howard’s 1993 guest appearance from Season 2.

“You had a lot of hair,” she she told Howard, teasing that “it looked fine then.”

Howard recalled that when they were filming “Private Parts” there was a whole timeline devoted to his hairdos and they didn’t even get all of them into the movie.

Robin said that Howard looked so natural in “Private Parts” and his “Larry Sanders Show” episode and that she was surprised he wasn’t approached by more movie executives looking to cast him in big projects throughout his career.

But as it turns out, he has been offered other roles. “The other day I got offered a major film and I turned it down,” Howard revealed.

“And I was almost going to do this role because I like the cast and all of that,” he continued. Howard said no one would even recognize him because the part would require him to shave his hair down to a crew cut.

After talking it over with Beth and thinking about how much he loved his free time now that his commitment to “America’s Got Talent” ended, though, Howard decided he didn’t want to spend a ton of time on a film set and also didn’t want to go into a project half-hearted.

For those who want to see the King of All Media return to the big screen, there is still a chance – Howard has yet to see the script and said it’s possible he could be moved by amazing writing to take the part.