Green Day Originally Made It Possible for the Losers to Form in 1997

Legendary Stern Show band has punk rockers to thank for their formation

October 4, 2016
Green Day's 2016 Setup Green Day’s 2016 Setup Photo: The Howard Stern Show

On October 14, 1997 Green Day had set up their instruments in the Stern Show studio ahead of their planned performance, but little did they know what a profound effect on history their equipment would have that day.

“Green Day’s stopping by to perform a little bit,” an excited Howard told Robin that morning before his co-host wondered if the staff were going to use the band’s setup and do a quick song to warm the audience up.

Howard Stern: “I don’t know, the whole thing was just funny, The Losers.”

“I don’t know if Green Day wants us touching their guitars,” Howard trailed off before getting to his senses and assigning roles: Jackie Martling on guitar, Fred Norris on bass, himself on vocals, and an inept Scott “the Engineer” Salem on drums!

As the morning continued, Howard couldn’t keep Scott from practicing for the newly formed band’s first broadcast. “I had to yell at him during the commercials,” he told Robin. “He was sitting and playing the drums.”

Fred Norris: “The Losers are a … well they’re a mess, let’s put it that way — in terms of a band.”

This led to an important question from Robin – What would the band’s name be?

While Howard first mused that it should be called “Salem” after their drummer, he quickly shifted to “The Losers,” also named after their drummer.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

When the time finally came for The Losers to perform their debut song, the band chose “Gloria” and lived up to their reputation. The band members from Green Day themselves even walked in and offered their take on it all.

“It was horrible!” they said with a laugh.

Hear the Losers perform “Gloria” on Green Day’s equipment from 1997 below and check out highlights from Green Day’s most recent visit to the studio here!