Sternthology Quiz: Week of October 10, 2016

Test your knowledge of this week's all-request Sternthology

October 13, 2016

Sure, you’ve heard every second of this week’s Sternthology, but how closely were you really listening? Take our Sternthology trivia quiz to determine just how big of a fan you are.

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  • 1. In 2010, Will the Farter admitted he worked in the adult industry as a gay hotline operator under this handle.

    • Leather Daddy

    • Brutal Master

    • Whippin’ Toots

    • The Gas Chamber

  • 2. In 1999, Howard wanted to recreate “The Munsters” using Nicole Bass as the lead, Herman Munster. Which Wack Packer did he envision playing Eddie Munster?

    • Photo: The Howard Stern Show

      Eric the Actor

    • Photo: The Howard Stern Show

      Hank the Angry Dwarf

    • Photo: The Howard Stern Show


    • Photo: The Howard Stern Show

      Fred the Elephant Boy

  • 3. Fred Norris met his wife during this on-air game.

    Photo: The Howard Stern Show
    • Stump the Booey

    • Win Fred’s Money

    • Dial-A-Date

    • Old Porn Stars vs. Young Porn Stars

  • 4. In 1997, a contestant named Veronica won the farting contest by farting for how long?

    Photo: iStock
    • 2.2 seconds

    • 1.5 seconds

    • 3.8 seconds

    • 1.2 seconds

  • 5. In 2009, where did Robin reveal that she keeps beads for dietary purposes?

    Photo: iStock
    • Naval

    • Behind her ears

    • Around her ankle

    • Under her tongue

  • 6. Nicole Bass’s 1999 lawsuit against the WWF was for how much money?

    Photo: The Howard Stern Show
    • $120 million

    • $80 million

    • $5 million

    • $90

  • 7. In 1993, director Robert Rodriguez revealed that he raised money for his first film by doing what?

    Photo: PRPhotos
    • Finding soda cans at bus stops

    • Selling his body to science

    • Investing in Apple

    • Babysitting

  • 8. In 2007’s Old Porn Stars vs. Young Porn Stars, what was Blue Iris’s best lie to tell a man when you don’t want sex?

    Photo: The Howard Stern Show
    • “I’m on my period.”

    • “I’m too tired.”

    • “My crabs are acting up.”

    • “I have a headache.”

  • 9. In 2004, Howard used the infamous tape of this public figure cursing to help him make the announcement that the Stern Show would be moving to Sirius satellite radio.

    • Photo: The Howard Stern Show

      Adam Carolla

    • Photo: The Howard Stern Show

      Kathy Griffin

    • Dale Earnhardt Jr.

    • John McEnroe

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