Show Rundown: October 19, 2016

Ronnie the Limo Driver and Brent Hatley square off, Rick Astley releases a Hit 'em with the Hein song, and Howard revisits “The Great American Nightmare"

October 19, 2016

Howard opened the show reminiscing about the premiere of “Private Parts” and performing “The Great American Nightmare” with Rob Zombie live on MTV.

“What a crazy night,” Howard recalled as Gary Dell’Abate brought up the video for everyone to relive (see above).

The first thing that stood out to Howard was how natural Rob Zombie looked compared to him onstage. “I’m standing there like a big boob!” he groaned.

“You’ve got the big boob move,” Robin agreed.

While his stage antics may not have been up to his own standards that night, Howard told listeners today that a lost “America’s Got Talent” segment would’ve really impressed everybody. The moment, according to Howard, featured Howie Mandel questioning the King of All Media’s guitar skills leading him to break out into a rendition of Neil Young’s “Old Man.”

“It shut everyone up,” Howard recalled.

The only problem? The rights to clear the song were purportedly too expensive so the show decided to forgo airing it.