Photos: Richard and Sal’s Most Intimate Moments on the Stern Show

Are Howard's two staffers best buddies, or something more?

November 1, 2016
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Questions have been raised about the relationship between Stern Show staffers Richard Christy and Sal Governale — are the two co-workers just best buddies or do they have romantic feelings for each other? Over the years, Richard and Sal willingly (and enthusiastically) participated in several on-air bits that included getting nude, touching one another, and even licking various body parts.

Whether or not they really have gay feelings for each other may never be known, but if a picture is worth a thousand words, the photo gallery (below) just about says it all. Check out Richard and Sal’s most intimate moments:

Richard Christy planting a kiss on Sal Governale while in their underwear

Sal feels Richard’s arm while hypnotized in 2005

Richard and Sal showering together

Richard teases Sal’s ass with a banana during a bit in 2013

Richard and Sal play the bongos with their penises while JD Harmeyer looks on

A wedding dress-wearing Richard Christy kisses Sal during 2011’s Newlyweird Game

Sal riding Richard like a horse in 2005

Richard and Sal have a penis tug-of-war

Sal gives Richard a “smegma mustache” in 2013

Sal and Richard hold hands while having their anal temperatures taken by former nurse Robin Quivers

Richard performs fellatio on a banana sticking outside of Sal’s pants

Richard and Sal paint their privates to look like Gene Simmons of Kiss

Richard and Sal squat over lit candles while fully nude

Richard shaves Sal’s ass in 2012

Richard pinches the bare buttocks of Sal

This was the face Richard made after licking Sal’s scrotum

Sal kisses Richard’s taint in 2007

Both Richard and Sal show their asses in 2009

Sal paints Richard’s face with his penis in 2007

Sal and Richard wearing only wigs and thongs

Richard measures Sal’s anogenital length in 2011

Richard lies on his back while Sal tea bags him

Richard and Sal playing a game of gay chicken in 2005

Sal and Richard snuggle during the premiere of movie “Supertwink”

Sal smells a dollar bill that was wrapped around Richard’s penis

Sal moments before smelling Richard’s balls

Richard does sit-ups into the genitals of Sal Governale

Richard and Sal getting affectionate in 2006

Richard singing during a Cockyoke segment in 2009

Sal and Richard take their clothes off but leave their wigs on in 2007

Richard sees how many M&Ms will fit in Sal uncircumcised penis pouch in 2008

Sal and Richard give a thumbs up

A nude Richard Christy plays Sal’s guitar with his penis

Sal and Richard in the bathroom together

Richard simulates sex on Sal in the back office

Sal and Richard riding the Sybian together

Still on the Sybian but with more clothes on

Richard and Sal attempt to 69 one another