Richard and Sal Come Clean About Going to Gay Spa for Bachelor Party

Five years later, Howard gets all the details about their romantic weekend together

November 1, 2016
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Before saying “I do” to his now wife Kristin in 2011, Richard Christy wanted to throw himself a bachelor party. So, he invited Sal Governale (and only Sal Governale) on a weekend getaway to Atlantic City and, as is usually the case when these two are together, things got … interesting. Five years later, Howard finally uncovered the shocking details during Tuesday’s Stern Show.

“I wanted to keep it simple,” Richard said on air. “I’m not like the strip club type or anything.” Instead, he and Richard checked in to what they now believe was a spa for gay men and clothing was very much optional.

“It was a gay spa,” Sal explained. “We went into the Jacuzzi and it was all naked guys dangling their junk in our faces.” Richard and Sal were also nude since Richard suggested they take everything off before going in the hot tub.

“I remember Richard said ‘Let’s get naked for the hot tub.’ Why was that?” Sal asked himself on Tuesday. “I couldn’t believe when we walked in the room it was all naked men and we just kept going. It didn’t stop us.”

After their soak, Richard and Sal got a couple’s massage together. They believe both massage therapists rubbing them down were men.

“How did this take five years to get on the air?” Howard asked, stunned at what he was hearing. Their confessions were far from over, though.

Once back in the hotel room, Richard and Sal said they stripped down to their boxers and got into the king-sized bed. “I think we just watched TV, talked a little bit, had some champagne, might have been some strawberries,” Richard admitted.

But they were adamant there was no touching that night. Or any night, for that matter. “If anything was ever going to happen with me and Sal, it would have happened that night,” Richard told Howard.

“The closest thing that happened to us sexually was, Richard passed out one time and I jerked off [next to him] into a shirt,” Sal said.

Richard said he was unaware Sal once masturbated beside him but didn’t seem too bothered.

“They’re in love with each other,” Robin said. Howard agreed, but both Richard and Sal protested.

“No, we’re comfortable with each other. We’re not gay,” Sal told them.

Robin went so far as to predict Richard will come out as either gay or bisexual in 10 years, as she thinks there’s so much evidence suggesting he’s not completely straight. In addition to his on and off air antics with Sal, Richard also used to send Will Murray sexually explicit voicemails when he got drunk and has even touched tongues with the now openly gay Joey Boots.

“I love goofing around on air and stuff, but I’m not into doing gay scenes,” Richard said. “I don’t desire to have sex with a man. I don’t feel that way.”

At one point in his life, however, Richard did take baths with his close male friend. He told Howard about getting in the tub with his buddy when they were teenagers.

“I used to just stay over at my friend’s house and we’d just have baths together,” he explained, saying they played a game in which they would each attempt to “bite” each other’s fart bubbles.

Howard questioned several things about this story, but asked where Richard’s friend would put his legs in such a small tub.

“Around his neck,” Sal joked.

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