Video: Bikram Yoga Creator Brags About His Million-Dollar Sperm

“I’ve been to his studio in L.A.,” Robin Quivers tells Howard on Tuesday

November 1, 2016

Bikram Choudhury, the namesake behind Bikram yoga, has denied sexually assaulting over a dozen different women who took his class. Howard played clips of Choudhury being interviewed by Andrea Kremer on HBO’s “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel,” on which he explained why there’s no way he would ever need to sexually assault a woman.

“People pay one million dollar for one drop of my sperm,” Choudhury said. “I can make million dollar a day, every day.”

Robin reminded Howard she was once a Bikram yoga regular and even attended a class at Choudhury’s studio in L.A., though she did not have him as her instructor.

“It’s the hot yoga where the room temperature has to be 105 degrees and you do the same, I think it’s 21 poses each time you go into a class,” Robin said of her experience in the class.

In addition to the heat, Choudhury is famous for berating those in his classes, calling them fat and demanding they change their diets. “Real Sports” reported Choudhury often charges upwards of $12,000 for his yoga teacher training course. He also told Kremer he knows “billions times” more about the human body than doctors and has cured serious health problems like Parkinson’s disease and AIDS. Because of these claims, many of Choudhury’s followers consider him to be a guru.

“Why does he have to be a guru, just show me the fucking poses!” Robin said.

Check out a clip of Bikram Choudhury on “Real Sports” (above).