Brent Hatley Makes Impassioned Argument for Why ‘Backroom Casting Couch’ Pornography Is Real

Two specific pieces of evidence point to the truth according to the Stern Show staffer

November 7, 2016
Photo: iStock

Stern Show staffer Brent Hatley is a man of many convictions and one of those convictions is that the “Backroom Casting Couch” videos featured on Pornhub (among other reputable sites) are not a staged act.

“He thinks casting couch porn is real,” Howard said of Brent during Monday’s show.

“I’m speaking about a specific one,” Brent clarified, explaining that he only believes “Backroom Casting Couch” to be real, not the genre as a whole.

His evidence? First of all, “porn actresses can’t act that good,” Brent asserted. But the women featured on “Backroom” seem genuine in their scenes. Second, “if you try to find those girls in other porns, you can’t,” he explained.

Robin Quivers was absolutely baffled as to how Brent could believe such a thing, but he maintained he believes the women arrive for their auditions thinking it is a nude modeling gig and sign a release beforehand. “It is real!” Brent said.

While a caller from Las Vegas claiming to know someone in the casting couch business seemed to corroborate Brent’s claims, another porn industry expert, Brazzers’ Vic Lagina, assured Howard that it was all scripted and fake, as far as he had seen.

On the heels of Brent passionately waxing poetic about the latest topic to catch his attention, the staff in the back office created a list of other things their coworker is an “expert” in, including: serial killers, wrongful convictions, charity operations, cannabis, military, law, international terrorism, politics, radio, history, football, dictators, rock music, the war on drugs, Islam, atheism, canines, TV production, and more.

Brent told Howard that while he doesn’t know his IQ and didn’t take the SATs, he is reading a book called “Ungifted: Intelligence Redefined” by Scott Barry Kaufman about the different paths to greatness and how not every person fits into the conventional mold.