Ronnie Mund’s Go-To Morning Greeting Guide: ‘Good For You’

Don't expect a cordial response from Howard's head of security

November 7, 2016
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Ronnie “the Limo Driver” Mund doesn’t have time for niceties or nonsense in the mornings Howard discovered on Monday after someone in the building made a sideways comment about Ronnie’s shirt on the way up to the studio.

“Ronnie just looks forward and ignores everyone,” Howard said.

Ronnie defended his behavior by explaining he doesn’t want to be bothered at that time of the morning and the particular individual who made the comment “can’t keep his mouth shut.”

Howard continued prying, asking Ronnie why he puts on an angry persona around the office and constantly fires back to normal greetings with aggressive responses like “what’s your problem?” and “good for you.”

“It’s a joke,” Ronnie explained. “It’s not a tough guy thing.”

“What’s your problem?”

Some of Ronnie’s go-to lines didn’t even make much sense. When confronted with a common question, he offered his favorite of the one-liners:

Q: “Hey Ronnie, how are you?”A: “Good for you.”

From top to bottom the staff reported that’s simply how Ronnie interacted — even Robin Quivers. “I just know it’s Ronnie,” she conceded.

Howard couldn’t believe it, though, and vowed to take on Ronnie’s personality for a few minutes to try it out. He proceeded to fire off one hilarious insult after another in response to innocuous greetings. Next time someone dares to wish you a good morning, try it out!