Brent Hatley Screams, Bleeds in Pube-Waxing Election Bet Payoff

Plus Richard Christy insists on measuring his manhood

November 14, 2016

In the most anticipated moment of the post-election season, Brent Hatley paid up in full on his bet with Memet Walker by way of getting his pubes waxed off by Christina from The Elastic Wax Center on Monday morning.

Months prior, the two Stern Show staffers made a fateful bet that saw Brent vow to get his cock-and-ball hair ripped out if Donald Trump won more than 10 states in the election, whereas Memet would have had to shave his head if the now president-elect won less than 10 states. The Republican presidential nominee, of course, went on to win 290 electoral votes and more than 10 states, forcing Hatley to agree to a full waxing.

As the day arrived, coworker Richard Christy was most excited to simply see how big Brent’s penis was. “He has cock on his mind 24/7,” Howard said.

“I think I said three inches soft, six inches hard,” Richard predicted. “It’s a fun surprise.”

Stern Show Executive Producer Gary Dell’Abate told Howard that, prior to Richard’s fascination with his penis, Brent seemed totally ready, but now he seemed a little shaken.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Nonetheless, Howard announced he would allow the following people in the studio to watch: Memet since he was the winner of the bet, Richard since he was dying to see Brent’s penis, and Ronnie Mund who primarily just wanted to see Brent in pain.

Without further ado, Christina, the waxer, got Brent up onto the table, offering Richard his first view of the family jewels – but Richard was a little underwhelmed at first look.

“It’s fine … I’m sure he’s a grower, not a shower,” Richard mustered.

Howard was intrigued that Brent’s male member seemed to be extremely dark in pigmentation.

With the inspection and formalities out of the way, Christina got Brent powdered up and began the waxing process, noting that he was “a very clean client.”

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

The hair around Brent’s “bikini line” came easy, garnering only mild squeals for the first few strips. But as the wax moved closer to the base of his shaft, Brent’s squeals turned to legitimate screams. As Christina zeroed in on the problem areas, Brent announced that he was at “about a six” on a pain scale of 1-10.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

One particularly brutal wax strip went most of the length of Brent’s shaft, leaving him howling in pain. “She ripped his cock off!” Richard screamed out.

“Quiet down, there’s more shaft,” Howard instructed as Christina diligently removed hair after hair.

Richard Christy and Memet Walker watch on in horror as Brent gets waxed Richard Christy and Memet Walker watch on in horror as Brent gets waxed Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Around the midway point of the waxing, Brent succumbed to the punishment and began bleeding. Parts of his testicles — which he was forced to stretch “like a canvas” for Christina — were also left red and raw.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

In the end, Howard thought Brent looked “like a plucked turkey.” Richard noted that his penis did look bigger after the wax, though, and requested to conduct an official measurement, which was granted.

“Four inches soft! … Now let’s measure it hard, Brent,” Richard announced a little too excitedly. Brent opted to end it there though.

The official winner of the bet, Memet, told his opponent that he was satisfied with the punishment. “You’re helping to heal America with this,” he concluded.

As a final touch, Fred Norris played the segment out with the theme from “Shaft.”