Hear Robin Quivers’ Stirring Rendition of the National Anthem

Stern Show co-host lends her voice to a must-listen two-minute performance

November 29, 2016
Photo: iStock

Days after Aretha Franklin’s near five-minute performance of “The Star-Spangled Banner” took the country by storm, a new rendition of the National Anthem is cutting through the ears of Americans everywhere – this time performed by Robin Quivers (listen below).

The Stern Show co-host treated listeners to her version at the start of the show on Tuesday after a grueling recording session the previous day.

Howard, for one, was in awe. “America is uniting,” he declared. “Can you feel America healing?”

His satisfaction didn’t last long, though, as the more Robin spoke, the more it became clear Ms. Quivers had once again caught a cold after gallivanting around the globe over the break.

“Do you sound sick?” Howard probed.

“The weather is changing … It’s very dry in these apartments,” Robin sidestepped before trying to blame the scratchiness on all of the singing she had recorded. Howard remained unconvinced but nonetheless praised her efforts.