Thanksgiving Updates from Underdog, High Pitch Erik, and Mick the Nerd

An ancient Roman banquet, a few punishing bathroom sessions, and a failed garden

The holidays are a time for catching up with family, friends, and the many characters of the Stern Show, of course. Check out what you missed with Suzanne "Underdog" Muldowney, High Pitch Erik, and Mick the Nerd below!

Underdog Makes an Ancient Roman Thanksgiving Banquet

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

One of the most fascinating Thanksgiving rituals came from none other than Underdog who told Shuli she was "going to have an ancient Roman banquet" for dinner.

"The individual food items can be portioned to the number of people partaking of them," she further explained.

How many guests was she expecting? "Nobody, I'll be just by myself," she said.

The feast consisted of a tuna fish appetizer followed by a second course of roast beef, a third course of pork, bacon, cocktail-sized sausage, cheese, and apple juice. Her fourth course included chicken breast, a Kaiser roll, and grape juice. Dessert choices were an apple, raisins, or a slice of cake.

Howard was astonished. "You know how many animals are going to die to feed her?" he said.

High Pitch Erik Punishes the Bathroom for 20 Minutes, Three Times a Day

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

High Pitch Erik, who only months ago found himself in the middle of a "love thrice," called in Tuesday morning to report that he had spent Thanksgiving with his friend April at her parents' house in Upstate New York.

Despite eating a feast of his own consisting of turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, lasagna, turnips, and three pieces of pumpkin pie, the Wack Packer revealed that he was able to keep a hold of his bowels until returning to the hotel room so as not to destroy the family's bathroom.

This led Howard to wonder about Erik's typical bathroom session.

"Just about 15, 20 minutes … two or three times a day, at least," High Pitch explained. "It just comes pouring out."

Even more disturbing is the fact that Erik shares a communal bathroom in his building with nearly 20 other people on his floor.

Still, the Wack Packer maintained that his underwear remains skid mark-free no matter the circumstances.

Mick the Nerd Does Not Have a Green Thumb

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

It's been a while since Mick the Nerd has been heard on the show, but it seems not much has changed with the bearded lover of comics.

While Mick claims his job consists of taking care of his parents' garden, new photographic evidence seems to prove just the opposite.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

"It's like a pile of dead shit," Howard described. "The guy does not have a green thumb."

Moreover, Stern Show correspondent Wolfie reported that he recently called Mick's residence around 1 p.m. and discovered the Wack Packer asleep much to his mom and dad's displeasure. His father, in fact, believes the little bit of fame from the show is already getting to his son's head.

"Yeah, that's fair," Mick admitted.

For now, though, he told Wolfie that his main focus will continue to be writing a comic series of his own and creating a podcast.