Photos: Hockey Game Gets Hit With the Giant Head of Jon Hein

Springfield T-Birds are the latest sports team to experience the Hit ‘em With the Hein phenomenon

December 1, 2016
Photo: Twitter

A few Stern Show fans were spotted in the stands at a recent Springfield Thunderbirds hockey game, holding up a clutch Hit ’em with the Hein sign and giant cutout of Jon Hein’s head. Twitter user @Nickbanabooey (nice) tweeted out a few pictures from the night, including a meetup with the team’s mascot.

The pro hockey team (which is the developmental affiliate for the Florida Panthers) is just the latest instance of the sports world getting hit with the Hein, although it might be the first time Jon’s face has been used along with the Stern Show shout-out. The T-Birds lost to the Hershey Bears that evening, but these fans definitely won the night by showing off how big of superfans they are.

Check out the tweets (below).

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