Video: Howard Stern Gay Men’s Choir Rehearses ‘Carol of the Balls’

Chorus practices to back the renowned George Takei for Christmas Spectacular

December 12, 2016

The Howard Stern Gay Men’s Choir recently gathered at SiriusXM to rehearse some Stern Show-inspired Christmas carols in preparation for the upcoming Christmas Spectacular where they back the great George Takei. One song the chorus rehearsed, set to the tune of “Carol of the Bells,” features the guys chanting lyrics like “nuts on my chin,” “tickle my taint,” and concludes with a drawn out harmonization of the word “schlong.”

‘Tis the season!

Watch the boys belt out this holiday tune (above) and hear the final cut of George Takei’s Christmas Medley (below) as a teaser to Wednesday’s Christmas Spectacular!

Photo: The Howard Stern Show