Ronnie Mund Writes New Poem on the 5-Year Anniversary of ‘Winter’

Hear JD Harmeyer struggle to read “Twitter” aloud in between fits of laughter

December 6, 2016
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

It’s been five years since Ronnie “the Limo Driver” Mund revealed on the Wrap Up Show that he had written a poem in honor of women everywhere. As listeners will remember, the secret poet agreed to write a new poem just for the show on a topic of Robin Quivers’ choosing, which turned into the masterpiece known as “Winter.”

When Ronnie finished the poem, he refused to read it on the air, so JD Harmeyer volunteered to do it for him — the only problem was he could barely begin the poem as he was laughing so hard. Hear his dramatic reading of “Winter” from five years ago (below).

On Tuesday, Howard announced that Ronnie had written a new poem in honor of the anniversary, this one entitled “Twitter.”

“It’s ok, it’s not great,” Ronnie said, explaining that, when he wrote it, he didn’t realize it would be for the anniversary celebration. “It was last minute.”

Hear JD read Ronnie’s new poem, “Twitter”: