Show Rundown: Monday April 4, 2016

Melissa McCarthy returns to promote her new movie, Wolfie goes to Runaway Country Festival,and Sal gives Richard a disturbing birthday surprise!

April 4, 2016

Good Morning Everybody!

As “Robin Zombie” sang the show in, Howard revealed that he has been sick and bedridden for the past three days after catching something from his wife, Beth Stern.

“Leveled me,” he bemoaned to Robin.

While in bed though, Howard had a chance to catch singer Jennifer Nettles perform with Cheap Trick on “CMT Crossroads” and thought she did a nice job.

Howard also revealed that Cheap Trick will be coming in soon to celebrate their induction into the Rock and the Roll Hall of Fame (finally).

Would You Rather: Ted Cruz vs. Howard Stern

Photo: AP

Stern staffer Memet Walker took to the streets recently with an important question: Would you rather have sex with Howard Stern or Ted Cruz?

The answers were brutal, but Howard ultimately got the nod.

“They’re both horrible,” one person responded before conceding: “I guess Howard Stern.”

When another who had chosen the King of All Media was asked why, she noted Howard’s “rocker” look.

Robin wondered why Howard had even sent anyone out to ask these questions. “These fuckers go out and do it!” he explained.

Bobo Is Pissed at Matthew Berry

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

ESPN fantasy sports analyst Matthew Berry was on the Wrap Up Show last week and let loose some comments that set Wack Packer Bobo off.

Bobo fumed that every time Berry is on the Wrap Up Show he “sprews” hate on him. “Now the fucking gloves come off,” he warned. “I’d throw him right through a fucking wall.”

Shuli Egar, who conducted the interview with Bobo, was surprised by the anger – but Bobo explained that he just buries it usually. “That’s the old Bobo – I try to lock him away,” he said.

Actor/Director Michael Rapaport also took a moment to sound off on the Wrap Up Show crew including Berry, Jon Hein, and Gary Dell’Abate in a series of voicemails to Sal Governale.

“Sal, listen – I want to take down all three of them,” he plotted.

Everyone Loves JDini … Except JD

c/o David Glantz c/o David Glantz

After the latest installment of JDini last week, listeners responded with a wave of emails in support of the segment.

“JD-ini was good except for JD,” one listener wrote.

“Just hearing the name, ‘Nostradumbass’ is hilarious enough to me for you do that bit again,” another agreed.

High Pitch Erik Flip-Flops on Politics

High Pitch Erik and his trainer High Pitch Erik and his trainer Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Joey Boots played a prank on High Pitch Erik recently and recorded the outcome.

High Pitch, who has supported Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump primarily because Joey does, got duped as Joey called him multiple times with different reasons to support other candidates.

First Joey told Erik that Trump would be banning sweat pants, so they had to move their support to Hillary Clinton. Then he called back and told Erik that Hillary was cracking down on buffets, so they had to support “Pablo Rodriguez from the Mucho Gusto Bodega.”

As expected, High Pitch flip-flopped his opinion time and again, which made for a great clip.

In other High Pitch Erik news, Shuli told Howard that the Wack Packer is currently at the hospital after reporting that he blacked out and hit his head over the weekend. While the doctors supposedly think that he may have suffered a small stroke, neither his speech or his high pitch timbre have been affected according to Joey Boots.

Here’s to a speedy recovery for Erik.

Robin Song: “Boobs Of Summer” (by Stripez)