Watch Brent Hatley’s Long Lost Campaign Commercial

“He looks like a guy who just got out of jail,” Howard jokes

June 15, 2016

Wednesday morning kicked off with a look back at Brent Hatley’s attempt at a campaign commercial from 2011 when he was running for the St. Petersburg city council in Florida. “He looks like a guy who just got out of jail,” Howard joked as he dissected the video.

The Stern staffer (and former Bubba the Love Sponge producer) entered the studio with an air of regret offering little in the way of a defense for the commercial. “It was terrible,” he conceded, explaining that he just spoke off the cuff instead of from any sort of script. Marching band-type music also continues very clearly on a loop throughout the entirety of the message.

“You should be delivering a threat,” Robin deadpanned.

Howard was primarily upset because he believes Brent would have been a great candidate. “You know better … I thought,” he added.

Brent ended up losing the city council seat to his opponent, who also happened to be his former driving instructor and longtime teacher in the community.