Here’s How to Tell Your Hot Dentist Girlfriend Her Breath Smells Like a ‘Doody Sandwich’

Ronnie Mund offers a surprisingly respectful conversation starter

September 20, 2016
Photo: iStock

Late in the show Tuesday morning a caller named “Steve” came to Howard with a distressing situation. He is currently dating the hottest woman of his life (at least a “noine”), she has a great personality, and high-paying job – but there’s a major problem: she has the worst breath he’s ever smelled.

“It’s like walking by a dumpster in the summer,” he told Howard. To make matters worse, that great job she has? A dentist. As a result, Steve feels he can’t say anything about her breath as her job serves as a source of pride in her life.

Howard was torn because he knew that it would be difficult for anyone to live with someone whose breath smelled like a “doody sandwich,” but as a photo of Steve’s girlfriend proved, she looked to be a keeper in every other regard.

“Dude, you can’t let that go,” Ronnie Mund affirmed after sneaking a peek at the photo.

With few other viable options available, Steve acknowledged that he would most likely have to confront his girlfriend directly about her halitosis — but after a mock run-through with Howard made it clear Steve had no idea what he was doing, Ronnie took the reins of the conversation and to everyone’s surprise offered a respectful way of laying it all out. Hear his full explanation below.