VIDEO: Beth and Howard Rescue Feral Florida Kitten

Watch the couple spring into action while on a morning walk

January 17, 2017
Photo: Instagram

Cats hold a special place in the Stern household, so it’s no surprise that when Howard and Beth were taking their morning walk during a recent trip to Florida and spotted a kitten in the street, Beth sprang into action.

The kitten ran into a bush behind a fence with Beth in pursuit. “She reaches into this fence with one hand … she grabs this kitten, gets it right out. She takes her shirt off. Now we’re on a main road and she’s just in her bra because she has to wrap the kitten so she won’t get scratched up,” Howard recounted.

Many facilities in the area reached out after hearing of the successful rescue to happily report that they had been trying to catch the kitten for the past two weeks.

You can see a video of the kitten, whom Howard named Eden in a nod to finding her in a garden, below.