Rubi and Mick the Nerd Take Wizard World Comic Con by Storm

Wolfie finds a 25-year-old with Wack Pack potential

January 18, 2017
Photo: Getty Images

The Gathering hasn’t even happened yet, but the Wack Pack may have another contender for entry.

At a convention in 2016 Wolfie met a 25-year-old man named Rubi whom he initially believed to be a woman since he was dressed up like the female character Minister Mason from “Snowpiercer.” Rubi, who suffers from speech disfluency which causes odd breaks when he talks, told Wolfie that he was a film major and a freelance writer for a cartoon website, though he still lives with his parents.

Wolfie decided to take Rubi to meet Mick the Nerd at Wizard World Comic Con where upwards of 30,000 attendees had gathered to celebrate movies, television, comics, cosplay, toys, and more.

Upon meeting each other, Mick and Rubi found common ground discussing their favorite manga series and the strengths of Godzilla, among other topics.

“By the way that conversation is like kryptonite to vagina,” Howard joked.

Rubi later took hold of the mic at Wizard World to conduct a few interviews and, upon meeting someone dressed as a Tusken Raider from “Star Wars,” took the opportunity to sing the Ewok song from the end of “The Return of the Jedi,” which he had learned from a John Williams piano book. Hear it below.

“You’ve got an eye for talent, I’ll tell you that, Wolfie,” Howard said of his correspondent.

Wolfie agreed that Rubi was a talent and proposed that he might be a good fit for some red carpet interviews in the future.