‘The Bachelor’ Nick Viall Says Race Is Not a Factor for Girl Who’ll Get His Final Rose

“I don’t really care about the color of their skin,” Nick tells Howard about this season’s diverse cast

February 8, 2017

He might be the biggest fan of “The Bachelor,” but Howard only had 10 minutes to talk to this season’s star, Nick Viall. The man currently looking for love on the hit ABC reality series talked about getting turned on by the girls, going out on wild dates, and whether or not race will play a factor in who gets his final rose.

“I don’t really care about the color of their skin,” Nick told Howard. “I think diversity is great.”

Nick became the first bachelor in the show’s history to ever give his first impression rose to a black contestant, when Rachel received it on the Season 21 premiere. She is now one of the final six women still competing for Nick’s heart.

Howard wondered if Nick ever gets physically aroused being around so many beautiful girls, especially when they’re on top of him wearing only their bikinis.

“I’m always attracted to attractive people,” Nick answered with a laugh.

As for if he ever takes care of any sexual urges when he’s alone in his room at night, Nick assured Howard there’s no time for masturbation.

“There’s no time for any of that,” Nick said. “You’re physically and emotionally exhausted. It’s like 19-hour days. On some dates, I’m having 17, 18 conversations.”

Dates on “The Bachelor” tend to take the cast on action-packed adventures in exotic locations, but for Nick, he’d much prefer to get to know a girl in a normal setting. “It’s actually hard to have conversations in a helicopter,” he told Howard.

When Gary Dell’Abate came in the studio to retrieve Nick once his time was up, Howard took issue with his executive producer for pretending to not enjoy “The Bachelor,” instead saying that he just happens to see it because his wife watches it. Nick revealed he comes across guys like Gary all the time.

“So many people pretend not to watch it and then they’re the ones who have the most questions,” Nick said, adding that many men approach him and ask what it’s like to be the bachelor.

As an avid fan, Howard gave Nick his opinion on who he should hand his final rose to, saying he’d be making a big mistake if he chooses Corinne.

“I’ve got to follow my heart,” Nick told Howard.

The Bachelor” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.