Memet Walker Won’t Go Through With $5K Offer and Might Be Done With On-Air Confessions Completely

“I’m just going into witness protection for a while,” Stern Show staffer says

March 8, 2017
Stern Show staffers Memet Walker and Steve Nowicki Stern Show staffers Memet Walker and Steve Nowicki Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Memet Walker may have reached his limit for how much attention he can take. On Wednesday’s Stern Show, the staffer told Howard that he might stop coming on the air to talk about his personal life, since it seems to upset his coworkers. His most recent revelation came on Monday, when Memet claimed he was contacted by a gay fan who wanted to pay five-grand to watch the Stern Show staffer have sex with a girl. But on Wednesday, Howard told his listeners that wasn’t entirely true. Turns out, it was Memet who made the voyeurism suggestion to the fan.

“So Memet proposed all this?” a stunned Robin Quivers said. “So we’re not even getting the real story from Memet.”

Howard wasn’t done unleashing the truth, either. Memet had initially said he was flattered to be the only guy on the Stern Show to be fielding messages from love-struck admirers, but fellow staffer Steve Nowicki now says he received a similar note from the very same guy Memet bragged about.

“Steve went through his email,” Howard told Robin. “Well, it turns out Steve Nowicki has a letter from this same guy.” The only difference: the guy offered Steve $8,000 to do something sexual with him. Steve, of course, moved the message straight to his spam folder and forgot about it, until Memet boasted about being contacted. Steve also accused Memet of trying to cover up this fan’s admiration for other Stern Show staffers in order to draw more attention to himself.

“I like the positive attention coming on me,” Memet admitted. “I apologize, Nowicki.”

Memet told Howard he won’t be going through with the arrangement and he won’t be confessing to anything on air for the foreseeable future. “I’m just going to disappear for a while. No more stories,” he said. “I just try to come on here and tell the truth about what’s going on in my life and it really upsets people for some reason.”

Howard has noticed how much Memet follows what people say about him online and urged him to stop paying attention to those comments. Memet has also been listening to the Wrap Up Show in order to catch anything critical that might be said about him on the air. Jon Hein walked into the studio to offer some straight talk to the young staffer.

“On the Wrap Up Show, we talk about what happens on the Howard Stern Show,” Jon told Memet. “This comes with the territory, so grow up, grow a sack, and deal with it.”

The Wrap Up Show’s other cohost, Gary Dell’Abate, also gave Memet some words of wisdom “People can be upset with your behavior, or aspects of you, and not hate you,” Gary told him.

Howard assured Memet that no one at the Stern Show disliked him – quite the opposite, actually. But alas, he still seemed bummed out by his in-studio segment.

“I’m just going into witness protection for a while,” he told Howard.