Jeff the Drunk Blocks Steve From Florida on Periscope

“You say you're a superfan … you're nothing!” the Wack Packer fires off

March 28, 2017
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Steve from Florida called for “an all-out boycott of sending Jeff the Drunk gifts” on Tuesday after getting blocked on Periscope by the Wack Packer. “I mean he’s such an ingrate,” Steve fumed in his call to Howard.

Howard was intrigued by the drama and got Jeff the Drunk on the line, who had no problem letting Steve know why he was banned: “Because you’re a douchebag, Bobo.”

“I don’t keep shaking down fans like you do,” Steve fired back, arguing that Jeff simply accepts gifts and then blocks fans once he uses them.

Jeff would have none of it, though. “People send me stuff, I don’t beg for shit—and fuck you Steve,” he countered to the backdrop of dueling banjos, courtesy of Fred Norris. “You say you’re a superfan … you’re nothing!” the Wack Packer piled on.

Howard wondered if Steve was just secretly jealous that he had a mere 20,000 Periscope fans to Jeff the Drunk’s mighty 60,000 audience and Shuli agreed.

“I think if Steve from Florida got stuff sent to him, he would keep it,” Shuli said despite Steve’s protests.

Then, in the midst of the discussion, in true Jeff the Drunk fashion, the Wack Packer hung up on Howard only to call back with a non-sequitur gripe of his own.