Unlike JD Harmeyer, John Cena Saved His Proposal for the Air at WrestleMania 33

And Steve from Florida dropped more than $2,000 to see it live

April 4, 2017

Howard took a moment on Tuesday morning to get another dig in at JD Harmeyer over his recent off-air marriage proposal after hearing about the details of John Cena’s Sunday night proposal to Nikki Bella during WrestleMania 33.

“Will [Murray], who works here, said to JD: ‘You see? John Cena does what’s good for the show and proposed to his girlfriend on the air,'” Howard told Robin, noting that he didn’t even want the proposal—he simply wanted the exclusive on the news which ultimately went to the Stern Show staffer’s Twitter account.

Steve from Florida, meanwhile, reportedly dropped $2,000 to attend the WrestleMania event with his whole family and witnessed the proposal live before dropping an additional $800 to attend WWE Raw the very next night.

Howard wondered if Steve had a favorite wrestler and the frequent caller revealed he and his wife are major fans of Roman Reign.