Gary Dell’Abate and Sal Governale Clash Over Job Perks and Freebies

“It's under control—I promise you,” the Stern Show executive producer tells Howard

April 10, 2017
Gary Dell'Abate and Sal Governale Gary Dell’Abate and Sal Governale Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Billy Joel reopened the Nassau Coliseum in Long Island on Wednesday night for a captive audience that included a couple of Stern Show staffers—Gary Dell’Abate and Sal Governale—but certain details of the evening have been driving a wedge between the two.

“I’m technically not fighting with Sal. What’s going on is Sal keeps going behind my back and saying shit to people,” Gary told Howard Monday morning.

Sal explained that he got upset after finding out that Gary, who received free tickets to the event, also seemed to brag about receiving VIP parking passes for free as well as gourmet food, whereas Sal had to pay the hefty $40 parking fee as well as an additional $30 for two drinks. “This guy’s eating shrimp like he’s the prince of Persia,” Sal complained.

Gary was dumbfounded considering Sal had also received free tickets to the concert from the same record executive and simply had to pay for parking, food, and drinks. The issue, it seemed, came down to something else entirely.

“Do you think that Gary doesn’t deserve this stuff because he doesn’t work as hard as everyone else?” Howard questioned Sal after hearing he had been floating this theory. “Is that your major beef?”

Sal addressed Gary directly: “To a point. Then you take advantage.”

Unlike Sal, who went for pleasure, Gary argued that he attends events like the Billy Joel concert for the purpose of networking as a part of his job duties. “Sal doesn’t know what I’m doing. He imagines what I’m doing,” he said. Moreover, Gary further argued that he doesn’t even want Sal representing the show himself.

Howard said he simply doesn’t want the office to become a place where people come and get shook down for freebies by the staff.

“It’s under control—I promise you,” Gary insisted.

Sour Shoes, meanwhile, left a firestorm of voicemails for staff over the weekend, including one as Gary Dell’Abate envisioning what was going on at the Nassau Coliseum during the Billy Joel concert. The impression was as masterful as ever. Listen (below).