Audio: Sour Shoes’s Latest Impression Fest and the Prank Call That Got Gary in Trouble

Wack Packer can do many convincing voices, including a former U.S. senator

April 11, 2017
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Sour Shoes received a whole lot of laughs on Tuesday’s Stern Show while unleashing a few tried-and-true impressions and retelling the time he made a prank call that got Gary in trouble.

“Howard you have no idea,” the Stern Show executive producer said. “I got yelled at so bad.”

Gary got chewed out after Sour Shoes placed a call to then SiriusXM CEO Mel Karmazin while pretending to be politician Al D’Amato. “He pretended to be a U.S. senator and Mel thought he was talking to a senator,” Gary explained. “I think the thing was that, there were sensitive topics discussed.”

“It went on for quite, quite some time,” Sour said as Howard laughed.

Howard is no stranger to prank phone calls—he and Fred both used to call in to Jack Spector’s sports radio show on WNBC. “My goal was to stay on as long as I could,” Howard said. “Sometimes I was on for like a half hour.” Jack didn’t seem to ever catch on to the joke either, even once telling Howard he was his favorite caller.

Stern Show staffer Brent Hatley wondered if Sour Shoes could garner enough ratings to have his own show on terrestrial radio, but Howard was sure it wouldn’t work if the Wack Packer was simply placed on the air and given free rein.

“I tried putting Sour Shoes on here with his own show,” Howard explained. “He needs somebody to kind of structure him and he’s unstructurable.”

But Howard isn’t done trying to think up a way to turn Sour’s undeniable talent into something bigger. “I still believe there’s a career there somewhere and believe me, I’ve tried,” he said.

Check out audio from Sour Shoes’s latest Stern Show call (above).