‘The Name Game’ Is Howard’s Secret Weapon With Children

"This is my schtick with kids," the King of All Media tells Robin

May 3, 2017

Tall, unfamiliar adults can be scary to children, but during Wednesday’s show Howard revealed he’s developed a fail-safe method for ensuring a positive and tearless experience with any kid he meets: singing “The Name Game.”

“I’m a circus clown when I get in there,” he told Robin, explaining that he comes on strong first with “The Bear Went Over the Mountain,” a song his father used to sing, before transitioning into Shirley Ellis’s famous rhyming tune.

Jimmy Kimmel’s daughter Jane as well as Howard’s nieces and nephews have all reportedly become major fans of the performance. “This is my schtick with kids. It’s the same with every kid,” Howard explained.

There is one person who doesn’t get it, though. “Beth does not understand ‘The Name Game,'” Howard revealed. “I had to explain it to her the other day.”

After playing his wife the original version while on vacation and leading her through a few renditions with her own name, Howard was enthralled by the results and told Robin she needs to hear Beth sing it.

Gary Dell’Abate even got Beth on the phone to see if she would do it, but once she heard the pitch, all bets were off.