Robin Quivers Changes Her Tune on Wind Chimes, Now Hangs Several Around Her Home

The Stern Show co-host once scoffed at receiving wind chimes from her workplace Secret Santa

May 15, 2017
Robin Quivers receives wind chimes from her Secret Santa in 2007 Robin Quivers receives wind chimes from her Secret Santa in 2007 Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard’s longtime sidekick Robin Quivers admitted on Monday that she now has several wind chimes hanging all over her home. But Stern Show superfans will surely remember how disappointed Robin was back in 2007 when she opened up a set of wind chimes from her office Secret Santa.

“I discovered that I like them very much,” Robin said of her current collection of clanging accoutrements. “I had to investigate the kinds of wind chimes I liked.”

Howard, however, still did not see the appeal. “Wind chimes are the most annoying thing,” he said, explaining that he’d much rather sit and listen to the actual sounds of nature.

Howard wanted to know just how many wind chimes Robin owns. “Six. Yeah, I have one inside that runs on solar energy, so when the sun hits it, it goes off,” Robin said. The biggest chime she has hangs in her backyard and requires a considerable gust of wind in order to make noise.

“Oh my God, I gotta get over there,” Howard said with a laugh.

It’s unclear when Robin’s fondness for wind chimes started, but she did remember the now infamous Secret Santa show when she stated on air her displeasure in receiving wind chimes as a gift. Fred thinks he was the one who actually wound up taking them home that day.