Brent Hatley, Terrorist Hunter, Strives to Make a Citizen’s Arrest

“It's incumbent on all of us to assist the police,” he says

May 22, 2017
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Brent Hatley has been vocal about his ultimate dream of one day putting a criminal under citizen’s arrest, but Thursday afternoon’s tragic Times Square vehicle rampage sent the Stern Show staffer into full terrorist-hunting mode.

According to Shuli Egar, Brent jumped into action only 10 minutes after the news dropped and ran to Times Square in order to scan the area for any other potential threats.

“Could you imagine if I put a terrorist under a citizen’s arrest?” Brent asked Howard Monday morning, calling the Planet Hollywood bouncer who tackled the assailant a hero.

Shuli further recounted how Brent took a lap around the block surveying the scene and taking photos and videos in case the incident turned out to be more than it seemed.

“It’s incumbent on all of us to assist the police,” Brent asserted, adding: “You never know what will prevent another terrorist attack.”

Howard wondered what Brent’s game plan would be if he ever did find himself in a situation to make a citizen’s arrest, noting that he looked “kind of like a balding, pudgy Batman, in a sense.” Unsurprisingly, the former Marine had an answer.

“You have to tackle them and you use your jiu-jitsu training to hold him there until the police can get there. And you turn him over to the cops,” he replied matter-of-factly.

Robin tried to explain that people who make citizen’s arrests typically don’t rush to the scene of the incident, they simply happen to be there in the first place. “When authorities say they want all of our help, they don’t mean run into the situation that we now have under control,” she said with a laugh.

Undeterred, Brent maintained he would remain prepared for the day his skills as a terrorist hunter were needed. “You are more likely to be saved from a terrorist by a citizen than you are by the police just because the cops can’t be everywhere,” he insisted.