High Pitch Erik Scores a Kiss on the Lips From a Woman Live on Air

“They love me, Howard. I’m a teddy bear,” Wack Packer says of his ability to attract women

June 28, 2017
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

On Tuesday’s Stern Show, High Pitch Erik dropped by with his special friend Jolie. But when he returned on Wednesday, he had a new woman escorting him to the studio. Niki is happily married but that hasn’t stopped Erik from having romantic feelings for her.

“I’m so in love with her,” he told Howard. “Every time I see her, I kiss her. She’ll kiss me on the lips.”

Howard wanted proof of that so he invited Niki in to plant one on the Wack Packer. She didn’t disappoint, walking right over to Erik and kissing him square on the lips.

“I tell ya, that’s something to see,” Howard said.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

But it sounds like Niki’s not the only one Erik has feelings for. “He’s in love with my husband … my husband’s not gay,” Niki told Howard, adding that High Pitch has already floated the idea of them having a threesome together.

Howard was still surprised someone like High Pitch could convince so many girls to befriend him.

“They love me, Howard. I’m a teddy bear,” High Pitch Erik said with a smile.