Liam Gallagher Is Down for an Oasis Reunion: ‘Without a Doubt … That’s My Band’

Rock star performs ‘90s classic “Wonderwall” and his new song “Wall of Glass” live on the Stern Show

July 31, 2017

Nearly eight years after Oasis abruptly disbanded in 2009, Liam Gallagher is now saying he’s open to getting the group back together. On Monday’s Stern Show, Howard asked the band’s former frontman about the possibility of an Oasis reunion.

“Without a doubt,” Gallagher replied. “That’s my band, you know what I mean?”

Perhaps the biggest obstacle to getting Oasis back on stage together is the longstanding rift between Liam and his brother Noel. Their disagreements throughout the years have earned a fair share of media attention and Liam admitted he and Noel would first need to learn to get along before they’d be ready to make music together again.

“When we start liking each other, inevitably, I think the next step would be to take the band out for a little spin around the block,” Liam told Howard. “I love Oasis. It’s the best thing ever.”

There’s no doubt Liam would be ready for a reunion tour, either. He sang one of Oasis’s biggest hits “Wonderwall” live in the Stern Show studio – the same song brother Noel sang when he visited Howard in 1997. Check out audio of Liam’s “Wonderwall” performance from Monday morning (below).

As for how and when his relationship with Noel turned sour, Liam suspects it has something to do with the night he peed all over Noel’s new stereo setup. Liam recalled being 15 and coming home drunk after having “too many sherries.”

“Me fucking room is spinning,” Liam remembered. He made his way into the bedroom he shared with Noel but couldn’t find the light switch. Lost in the dark and needing to relieve himself, Liam said he took a leak right then and there instead of finding his way to the bathroom. Unfortunately, it was Noel’s sound system that ended up soaking wet.

“I think he holds a grudge from that and that was a long time ago,” Liam told Howard. “But when you gotta go, you gotta go, mate. Simple as that.”

Howard was curious if Liam ever apologized for the incident.

“I said, ‘Listen, mate, it was either the sound system or your fucking head,’” Liam recalled telling Noel back in the day.

Howard then asked if Liam would attend Noel’s funeral, considering how contentious their relationship has become.

“Of course,” Liam quickly responded. “I love my brother. We’re just going through a little dodgy patch at the moment.”

Part of the appeal of being a rock star for Liam was acting like one during the height of Oasis’s fame. But for anyone who thinks Gallagher didn’t begin partying until after the band hit it big, he explained he’s always enjoyed having a good time.

“I was mushroomed out of my face when I was 15, 16 before I even joined the band at 19,” Liam said.

Experimenting with drugs and alcohol after the band’s success only made him a better rock star, Liam surmised. “I think you have to have life experiences,” he told Howard. “I’m not saying you need to be snorting drugs … but something needs to fucking happen.”

Though he’s definitely slowed down lately, Liam also joked about not liking being sober. “I just felt too good,” he told Howard with a laugh. “I was opening the door for people and stuff and getting old ladies’ bags of shopping.”

Liam even had trouble getting his hands on a cigarette while in New York. He tried purchasing a pack at a convenience store, only to have the store clerk ask to see his I.D. which he’d left in his hotel room.

“I look about 34 … I’m 44,” Liam said to Howard. “I look old enough to buy cigarettes, don’t I?”

He took to Twitter to vent his frustrations, as well. Check out his tweet (below).

As he’s asked other musicians who smoke, Howard wondered if Liam is concerned about the effects cigarettes might have on his voice. Liam revealed he no longer smokes the day of a performance but also said he didn’t like the sound of his voice after he hasn’t smoked in a while.

“I sound a bit square, a bit beige … I like it to sound a bit rough,” he said. “I do like the screaming and shouting kind of side of the singing.”

With his debut solo album “As You Were” scheduled to be released in October, Liam performed his first single “Wall of Glass” (above) live on the Stern Show for Howard. As good as his performance was, Liam had to run out of the studio as soon as he was done singing in order to use the bathroom.

“We’ve never had that happen before,” Robin said while cracking up.

“You should have just peed right in my studio like you did to your brother,” Howard joked.

Liam Gallagher’s debut solo album “As You Were” is available Oct. 6.