AUDIO: Jimmy Kimmel Gives His Version of the Killer Swan Story: ‘I Was Genuinely Scared’

“Beth was watching from the shore ... she said it was the funniest thing she ever saw,” Howard adds about the time he and Jimmy went fishing

August 23, 2017
Photo: iStock/The Howard Stern Show

Howard has shared the story of being attacked by a swan a few times already on the Stern Show but on Wednesday morning Jimmy Kimmel, the other man in the boat that fateful day, was on hand to provide even more horrifying and hilarious details.

Their fishing trip got off to a rather serene start with Howard and Jimmy heading out onto the lake in a rowboat. “It was almost romantic. It was like a painting,” Kimmel said. But off in the distance, danger lurked.

“We got out there and there was a swan in the distance and it was beautiful and you start telling me about the swan and how aggressive they can be and it was almost as if the swan heard you,” Jimmy recalled.

According to Kimmel, the swan looked to be the size of Howard as it stood up on the water in front of their boat. Howard added that swans are known to use their wings to fend off anything they consider a threat, drowning them in the water.

“They’re like those dragons but without fire,” Robin said with a laugh.

Giggle as she may, both Howard and Jimmy told Robin the swan attack was indeed scary. With the aggressive bird ready to strike, the two began rowing for their lives back to the dock.

“Fishing is now over … now we’re fleeing,” Jimmy continued. “I’m in the front of the boat holding the oar thinking I’m gonna have to poke it or something to keep it away from us.”

“Beth was watching from the shore. She said it was the funniest thing she ever saw,” Howard said.

Once back on land, Jimmy admitted he was relieved the ordeal was over.

“I think I fell into your arms,” Howard joked.

Howard reminded Jimmy how they quickly ran into the house, leaving all of their fishing equipment behind in the boat. “Later in the day I ran down toward the dock and got all the fishing gear out,” Howard said, confessing he kept an eye on the water in case the swan returned.

“I was genuinely scared of that swan,” Jimmy concluded.

Check out audio of Howard and Jimmy reliving their scary swan experience (below).