AUDIO: Insane Clown Posse Wants the World to Know They’re a Band, Not a Gang

Juggalos will march on Washington this weekend in order to get their nonviolent message across

September 13, 2017
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Hardcore fans of Insane Clown Posse have always been known for being a bit extreme but the band wants the world (and the FBI) to understand that doesn’t make them a gang. On Wednesday, ICP stopped by the Stern Show and talked to Howard about their intention to get their group’s name off of the National Gang Intelligence Center’s list, which in 2011 classified Juggalos as being a “loosely organized hybrid gang.” At the time, ICP duo Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope didn’t take being labeled a gang so seriously.

“But then the repercussions of it came,” Violent J told Howard. Retail stores began suspending sales of their merchandise and the band still struggles with finding venues willing to host their concerts and fan festivals, known as “The Gathering.”

The FBI’s designation has also allegedly hurt the band’s followers. The two explained there are Juggalos who have been fired from their jobs, lost custody of the kids, and even been rejected from joining the military all due to their association with ICP.

“Juggalos are laughed at. They’re a punchline and that’s funny. I get it. We’re different,” Violent J told Howard. “But is it fucking funny to take millions of people and criminalize them for what they listen to?”

He also argued if the same thing were to happen to another band from another music genre, the public at large would come to their defense. Luckily for Insane Clown Posse, they won’t be alone in this fight. According to them, rock star Dee Snider contacted them to let them know he’s in their corner.

On Saturday, the band and its many followers plan to take their message to the streets of Washington, D.C. for a special march that they hope will win them their right to not be considered a dangerous gang.

“How else can we say to the country we’re not cool with it?” Violent J asked.

But to anyone worried the event could turn violent, Shaggy made it clear that is far from their intention. “We’re there to march and that’s it,” he said, adding he hopes their fan base remembers to remain peaceful during the demonstration.

On a lighter note, Howard congratulated J on his noticeable weight loss, telling him, “I’ve never seen you this thin.” So what diet did he use to slim down so much?

“I’ll be honest I’m eating pretty much what I always ate … I just barely eat,” he told Howard. “There’s no trick, there’s no drugs.”

However, he did admit since he dropped so many pounds, his skin is now very loose around his body. “I look like I’m wearing a pasty-white garbage bag,” Violent J joked.

He’s been putting his new body to good use, too, telling Howard he and his girlfriend have regular threesomes. “Me and my girlfriend, she’s bisexual, we have a blast,” he revealed.

He also thanked Howard and the Stern Show for inviting them into the studio throughout the years. “Howard Stern was the first one to put it down for the clown,” Violent J said. “We’re here 20 years later, still putting it down.”