Suzanne Muldowney Analyzes Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman

“It seems to me that all stories are focused on these flamboyantly-dressed villains,” she says of Gotham City

January 30, 2017
Underdog with Stern Show's Shuli Egar Underdog with Stern Show’s Shuli Egar Photo: The Howard Stern Show

There is zero doubt about Suzanne “Underdog” Muldowney’s favorite superhero, but in an effort to learn more about the opinionated Wack Packer, Shuli Egar recently gauged her feelings on a few of the more popular men and women in costume.

Check out her thoughts about Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman below.


“He’s probably the quintessential superhero because he can not only perform feats of strength, but he also flies,” Underdog offered.

The Man of Steel didn’t escape without any criticism, though. “It was very unrealistic… when he was Clark Kent he had to change to Superman and he would just pull his shirt open and expose the Superman logo and then—poof—the whole Superman costume would be there,” she contended. “Then how does he change back to Clark Kent when he’s no longer needed?”


“It seems to me that all stories are focused on these flamboyantly-dressed villains,” Underdog noted in a pointed commentary. “It goes in a direction that’s not necessary.”

Wonder Woman

“Her basic costume is much too brief,” Underdog worried. “It exposes her neck and shoulders so that, if she’s in cold weather, she could very well catch a cold.”

And … The Tooth Fairy

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Once Shuli was done with his questions, Underdog—who does not believe in the Tooth Fairy—wondered if Shuli’s eldest daughter had followed her previous advice and was making “a collection of her primary teeth” whenever she lost one.

“Absolutely. Yes, we’ve been saving them,” Shuli answered in a slightly frightened tone.

“That’s a good thing for her to take to show-and-tell at school,” the Wack Packer instructed him.