PHOTO: Check Out Ronnie Mund’s Winter Wonderland

Stern Show staffer has four inflatable Christmas decorations including a holiday dragon

December 13, 2017

Ronnie “the Limo Driver” Mund is showing off his holiday spirit on every square inch of his front yard this year. Howard couldn’t believe his eyes after seeing the photo (above) of the Stern Show staffer’s Christmas decorations that include four inflatable pieces that light up, move, and even make sounds.

“Ronnie’s lawn looks like a bad acid trip,” Howard joked.

There’s an inflatable sock monkey dressed like Santa Claus, an inflatable snow globe, and an inflatable Lightning McQueen, the main character in the animated Pixar movie “Cars.” But there pièce de résistance is undoubtedly the holiday dragon that sits front and center on Ronnie’s lawn.

“It has a fucking Santa Claus thing on it with candy canes and shit and everything so, leave me alone,” Ronnie explained after being asked what a dragon had to do with Christmas. “My dragon is fucking cool.”

“The dragon’s bigger than the house,” Robin Quivers exclaimed.

Considering Ronnie is Jewish, Howard wondered why he decorated his house at all. “I have a Catholic fiancée who loves the fucking holiday,” Ronnie told him.

And while Ronnie was onboard with turning the yard into a winter wonderland, he drew the line at climbing into a tree to hang lights up – that had to be done by the future Mrs. Mund.

“I’m getting old, I don’t want to fall off the ladder. She’s young, let her get up there,” Ronnie said of his fiancée.