Nick Cannon Knows Marriage Isn’t for Him…but Being a Dad Definitely Is

“AGT” host also tells Howard about his health scares that left doctors shocked to see him survive

February 8, 2017

Nick Cannon was excited to be back on the Stern Show on Wednesday morning – almost as excited as he is about the birth of his third child, expected to arrive any day now.

“I love children and this is going to be amazing,” Nick told Howard about the baby he’ll soon share with beauty queen Brittany Bell. Nick also told Howard that he might not even be done with welcoming new life into the world.

“I’m happy to have children. I always wanted five children, now I’ve got three,” Nick said. While he embraces fatherhood, he guaranteed Howard and Robin that they’d never see him walk down the aisle again.

“I’m never getting married again,” Nick told them. “Marriage is not for me.” Even Nick’s doctor is prescribing he stay single, telling him that being in a relationship causes an unhealthy amount of stress in his life.

“Sex, relationships, are stressful,” Nick said.

“Well, they are, but they can also be mellowing,” Howard told him.

“I’ve never been in a mellowing relationship. Introduce me to that chick,” Nick said with a laugh.

Nick and ex-wife Mariah Carey called it quits in 2014 and their divorce was finalized in early 2016. Even though their marriage didn’t work, the two remain very close.

“I love Mariah. I’ll never stop loving her,” Nick said. “She gave me two amazing, beautiful gifts. We talk every day.”

Howard asked Nick about Mariah’s new boyfriend, 33-year-old dancer Bryan Tanaka.

“As long as she’s happy,” Nick told him.

Nick swore to Howard that sex wasn’t the problem in his and Mariah’s relationship. Nick said that he’s confident Mariah was satisfied every time – and she wasn’t the only one. He talked to Howard about his ability to “give good dick.”

“I know what I’m doing,” Nick said. “The swag is kind of different when you know you got it like that.”

One sure sign Nick knows he did his job is when the women he’s with “need a walker to get to the bathroom.”

Nick has already admitted to having no problem in the size department but Howard wanted to know if the “AGT” host ever talks dirty when he’s in bed. He does, but he revealed the key is to not use any “porno talk.” Howard asked to role play with him and experience firsthand what Nick says to women during sex.

“Usually, the women can’t even form sentences,” Nick explained as Howard moaned. “I can’t do this. I’m done,” Nick said while cracking up.

In December, Nick was hospitalized for a Lupus flare up, an autoimmune disease he was originally diagnosed with in 2012. His most recent health scare included five blood transfusions that he told Howard on Wednesday saved his life.

“The five blood transfusions was because if they didn’t do that, I would have died,” Nick said. He came so close to not making it that Nick revealed one of his doctors told him he didn’t understand how he survived. Death does not scare him, though, even after this close call.

“I don’t fear it, I welcome it,” Nick told Howard. “I’m probably going to die sooner than most people … that’s what the doctors said.” Howard asked his friend just how soon does that mean and if Nick could pass away in his 40s. Nick answered that it was possible.

In my new song, I say, ‘You only got a moment so live it like you own it,'” Nick said. “In all of my music I’m saying, ‘Yo, tomorrow is not promised so let’s get the most out of life.'”

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