Richard Christy Shows Up Sweaty for a Massage, Gets Bathed by Masseuse

“I tipped her good though,” Stern Show staffer tells Howard

June 20, 2017
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

A hot day and a brisk walk were to blame for Richard Christy showing up super sweaty to his scheduled massage this weekend. The Stern Show staffer painted the picture for Howard and Robin on Tuesday morning of the reaction he received from the masseuse who had to deal with his dripping wet body.

“She went and got like a wash rag and wetted it down and basically gave me a bath,” Richard explained. “Then she dried me off and put a sheet over me. She wouldn’t even touch me.”

“What a nightmare,” Robin said of this poor woman’s plight.

Richard said much of his allotted massage time was wasted on cleaning him off. Though the masseuse did eventually rub Richard through a sheet, he wondered why she didn’t just wear gloves to give him the massage.

“I tipped her good, though,” Richard said. He also claims to have apologized for all the perspiration.

Howard couldn’t be too surprised by Richard’s story. After all, this is the same employee who stayed several more hours at work after having an accident in his pants. He asked Richard if he was at all ashamed of what he put the masseuse through.

“Not at all,” Richard answered. “People get sweaty. What’re you gonna do?”