PHOTO: Here’s the Coat Rack Eugene From Kentucky Sent Howard

Stern Show caller gave the unique gift to the King of All Media in 2017

January 3, 2018
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Eugene from Kentucky was praised by Howard on Wednesday for being the best caller of 2017. However, the same cannot be said about Eugene’s gift giving.

The longtime listener made a unique coat rack out of railroad ties and sent it to Howard as a Christmas gift. After seeing it, Howard was initially excited about the piece and decided to have it installed in his home.

After hanging the coat rack, though, Howard was met with a string of warnings from listeners who had heard about the gift on air.

“It turns out that these old railroad ties were dipped in chemicals that are so fucking dangerous,” Howard explained.

Fred Norris added that the chemical is called creosote and is used for wood preservation. “They say creosote is a possible human carcinogen.”

Howard said he immediately heeded the warnings and removed the rack from his house, but still appreciated the kind gesture and beautiful work from Eugene.