Show Rundown: January 8, 2018

Howard comes to work with a cold, plus comedian Jim Breuer returns to the Stern Show

January 8, 2018

Good Morning Everybody!

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard arrived at the Stern Show studio Monday morning suffering from a bad winter cold that had him tossing, turning, and coughing throughout the past few nights. In fact, he was even on the verge of losing his voice.

In order to preserve Howard’s voice, JD Harmeyer was called in to read the live commercials for the day in his stead and—of course—got goofed on by both Fred Norris and a caller who noted JD’s penchant for pronouncing the word “the” as “da.”

“I love when JD reads the live spots,” Howard said with a laugh.

The staff also recapped some of the top moments from Sunday night’s Golden Globes ceremony. Check out all of the winners here.