Robin Settles on a Sophisticated Gift for Howard’s Birthday

“What do gentlemen carry?” she recalls asking herself

January 15, 2018
Photo: iStock

After receiving a heartfelt gift from Howard for Christmas, Robin Quivers had big shoes to fill in deciding what to get the King of All Media for his birthday.

And on Monday, Howard revealed that his co-host made an intriguing choice. “She got me a couple of different birthday gifts, but one of them was a knife,” he said. This wasn’t just any knife, either. It was a specialty French knife.

Not knowing exactly what to do with his new present, Howard did some research online and discovered it was “a very sophisticated knife” carried in the event cheeses or fruit need to be cut into pieces. “It’s such a good-looking knife that people in France put it on the table,” he explained.

After learning more about the knife, Howard went into his kitchen to slice up a pear, but on second thought he realized he didn’t want to dirty the beautiful blade.

“This is how it came to me,” Robin told Howard. “I said, ‘What do gentlemen carry?’ And I found, oh, gentlemen carry a knife.”

Fred Norris corroborated the claim, mentioning he too has a knife to break down the boxes of groceries he receives at home.

With his new tool in-hand, Howard said he was in search of a way to utilize it and stumbled down a rabbit hole of internet videos analyzing what men carry in their bags. Discovering that many men carry knives and assorted tools with them during the day, Howard vowed to keep the gift in his bag going forward.

“I hope it comes in handy,” Robin offered. “Use it in good health.”

The new information also led Howard to wonder what certain Stern Show staffers were carrying in their bags. JD Harmeyer, for instance, revealed he keeps a copy of Games Magazine, some Mucinex, and Cold-EEZE in his bookbag. The latter two items, he said, are for clogged sinuses on a flight and emergency relief from colds … “just in case.”