Show Rundown: January 24, 2018

Ronnie Mund's Twitter behavior comes under examination yet again

January 24, 2018

Good Morning Everybody!

Stern Show regular Perez Hilton recently announced in an emotional video that he has an addiction to social media and he may not be the only one. By 7 A.M. on Monday, the staff discovered Ronnie “the Limo Driver” Mund had already tweeted 10 times.

“I tweeted 10 times this morning, yes I did … Why not?” Ronnie argued, adding that he does not tweet during show hours.

Howard took particular offense to one early-morning retweet, though. A listener wrote: “Agreed. The show sucks without Ronnie,” which the limo driver reposted.

“So why does Ronnie retweet that? Because he thinks he agrees that the show is bad without him?” Howard questioned.

Ronnie first claimed he did not retweet it, but when faced with the evidence he tried to tell Howard it “doesn’t mean you suck.”

Moreover, Ronnie wanted to clear the record on the X-rated accounts his co-workers said he followed on the social media platform. “The shit that you tell me that I follow all those porn sites – I don’t,” he contended.

Unfortunately for Ronnie, this was quickly proven incorrect.

Nevertheless, the frequent tweeter took pride in announcing that he replies to every direct message he receives.

Considering the time commitment involved in his social media activity, Robin wondered what Ronnie did before the advent of Twitter.

“Read the paper … Whatever I did, I did,” he told her bluntly.