Ronnie ‘the Limo Driver’ Mund Installs a Malfunctioning ‘Marine Radio’ in Howard’s Car

“Why do I have a boat radio in a car?” the King of All Media asks

January 30, 2018

Between broken petcocks and excessively bumpy rides, Ronnie Mund has put Howard through the wringer over the years as his official limo driver. And on Tuesday, the King of All Media revealed his oft-perturbed chauffeur has baffled him once again.

Recently Howard discovered Ronnie had installed a rubber-encased radio which didn’t work quite as expected — it constantly changes channels and won’t turn off with any ease or consistency. In fact, when he brought the malfunctioning unit to Ronnie’s attention, he was told the radio had specifically been made for boats. “It’s an amphibious car … in case we go underwater,” Howard joked.

“It’s a marine radio,” Ronnie admitted under questioning in the studio, explaining he needed a product small enough for the space. He argued no other radio would fit after modifications were made to the car and suggested they simply leave it on all the time.

Ronnie Mund wearing a captain's hat on vacation Ronnie Mund wearing a captain’s hat on vacation Photo: The Howard Stern Show

“Why would you have something in your car you can’t turn off?” Robin questioned, though.

A man named Bill who claimed to be a limo driver for music mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs called in to the show and told Howard he bought a new unit from SiriusXM called the Commander Touch and it works perfectly, measuring only 4 inches in width. “I don’t know what the fuck Ronnie’s talking about,” he said.

“I wonder if Diddy’s car has heat too,” Howard replied with a laugh.