High Pitch Erik Is Evidently in a New Feud That Could End in a Boxing Match

According to Shuli, the Wack Packer has been bragging about one advantage in the ring

March 26, 2018
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

High Pitch Erik has feuded with Fred the Elephant Boy and Marfan Mike among numerous others in the past, but on Monday Howard told listeners that the Wack Packer seems to have a new conflict on his hands.

While the origin of the fight remains unclear, High Pitch recently confronted Speech Impediment Man — on an internet radio show hosted by Medicated Pete — about some trash talk that occurred.

“What’s your problem, talking about me on every fucking show?” he asked the frequent Stern Show caller.

Speech Impediment Man was all laughs, though, explaining he was simply “hyping up the fight.”

Apparently Erik and “Speech,” as he is being called for shorthand, are set to square off in a boxing match. “I want to get some people coming,” Speech told his foe.

“Physically, neither of these two are in any condition [to be] in a boxing ring,” Shuli Egar told Howard. “And Erik’s now bragging that he’s going to do well because he’s not using his walker anymore. But he’s still using a cane,” he added.

While many questions about the feud remain, Howard was more bothered by something else that struck him about the audio clips. “Medicated Pete is barely on the Medicated Pete Show,” he noted with a laugh.