AUDIO: Hear Richard Christy Prank a Swap Shop Caller Seeking Baby Ducks

“I’m talking to a duck now … this is cool,” the man says in disbelief

March 28, 2018
Photo: iStock

The Christy family may have refrained from eating their ducks on the farm in Kansas, but that didn’t stop Richard from utilizing one in his latest phony phone call.

After hearing a man call in to Swap Shop in search of a few baby ducks, Richard quickly got to work and dialed him up.

“My name’s Rusty. I heard you on Swap Shop. Are you still looking for baby ducks?” he asked the man.

After receiving an affirmative, Richard informed the man that he’d have to speak to “Momma” to make sure she wanted to sell. The man no doubt expected to speak with a human, but instead was met with the honking quacks of a mother duck.

Pushing ahead, the man regained his composure and tried to make a deal.

“Yeah, I promise I’ll take care of them, Momma,” he reassured the duck to a chorus of quacks. “I’m talking to a duck now … this is cool,” he added in seeming disbelief.

Hear the full prank call (below).