Show Rundown: April 2, 2018

Howard starts Monday's Stern Show with new fears about drinking coffee

April 2, 2018

Good Morning Everybody!

Howard kicked off the morning in typical fashion with a cup of coffee, but in the wake of recent reports about potential dangers of the caffeinated brew, he was wracked with new worries.

A California judge ruled recently that coffee in the state must now be accompanied by a warning label. “The culprit is a byproduct of the bean roasting process that is a known carcinogen and has been at the heart of an eight-year legal struggle between a tiny nonprofit group and Big Coffee,” the Associated Press reported.

“Whenever I get into something, it always turns into a disaster,” Howard bemoaned. “I swear the reason coffee causes cancer is because I’m drinking it,” he joked.

Luckily the weekend offered a bit of a reprieve for the King of All Media, who spent his days off painting and listening to Bruce Springsteen. Howard said he has been on a major Boss kick after attending the music icon’s Broadway show twice over the past couple of months.

On rotation over the weekend for Howard was Springsteen’s 1987 “Tunnel of Love” album, including the Grammy-nominated “Brilliant Disguise.”