Hear JD Harmeyer Shut Down Mike Babchik’s Request for an Additional Tip After Recouping His Missing March Madness Cash

Plus, the Stern Show staffer gives an update on his wedding and bachelor party

April 9, 2018
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

After Howard was forced to go into full “Godfather” mode to recoup missing winnings from JD Harmeyer’s March Madness pool victory on Wednesday, the King of All Media was pleased to update listeners Monday morning with the outcome.

“JD Harmeyer did get the rest of his money. He was paid,” Howard revealed. “I wanted justice for JD and we got it.”

As he handed over the final $200, Mad Dog Sports Radio host and pool organizer Mike Babchik told JD he felt they had come to an understanding beforehand and JD again failed to stand his ground.

“I was fine and others didn’t feel it was fair enough … That’s what this is about basically,” the Stern Show staffer offered as an explanation at the time.

Robin Quivers took exception upon hearing his response. “Why does he lie and say, ‘I was O.K. with not getting it’?” she asked.

“I’m just trying not to rock any boats around here. I didn’t know this guy all that well,” JD tried to rationalize.

Nevertheless, with Howard’s intervention, the situation was rectified. In their final exchange, Babchik again tried to gain sympathy and ask for an additional tip — but this time JD stood up to the Morning Men host.

“I gave you a tip yesterday and I’ll give you a tip today: Do not do brackets unless they pay,” JD tersely told Mike, making both Howard and Robin proud.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

And while he once spent his entire tax return at a strip club, it seems unlikely JD will be doing the same with his March Madness winnings. The soon-to-be-betrothed 38-year-old revealed he has no plans for a bachelor party despite once considering a joint blowout with Ronnie “the Limo Driver” Mund.

“As I’ve thought about it, you know, I hate being the center of attention,” JD told Howard.

Instead, he remains fully focused on his bride-to-be and planning the perfect ceremony. “I love her very much. She’s probably my best friend,” JD said.

Noticing his use of “probably,” Howard wondered who else might hold that title. “Who’s in the running for best friend status?” he asked.

“Jon Hein,” JD admitted.

This revelation was surprising to the staff as Jon is not actually invited to the wedding, but Jon himself remained unfazed. “I understand what they went through in setting this thing up,” he said. “They both would love to have more people there, but they just decided to make it family only. And I get that. If there was anybody else being invited, then yeah, I would be a little upset.”

With that empathetic response, it’s no wonder the two are best friends. If that wasn’t enough, Gary Dell’Abate — who also considers Jon to be a best friend — had one more trait to fawn over. “He’s a great listener,” the notoriously talkative executive producer said of his coworker.