AUDIO: ‘Live! With Cathi’ Host Loses Her Patience With a Robin Quivers Admirer in New Prank Call

“You have totally disappointed me,” the normally mild-mannered Cathi scolds her caller

April 10, 2018

Stern Show staffer Chris Wilding has long been calling the “Live! With Cathi” internet radio show as Japanese language expert Lee Kingsnatch, but on Tuesday Howard debuted a brand new phony phone call with a fresh premise.

“Cathi always takes whatever we throw at her in stride,” Howard said. “She’s an eternal optimist. No matter how many times he pranks her, she’s always sort of believing that the next call will be a good one.”

This time, though, it seems Cathi reached her wit’s end when a caller asked for feedback on a few songs he created for an “absolutely beautiful” woman he worked with named Robin.

Anyone who has heard a love song to Robin Quivers created by Stern Show fans like Psych, Little Mikey, or Eli Braden (above) knows that the tunes can take things a little too far and that’s exactly what Cathi and her on-air friend Rayanne discovered.

Hear the full prank call (below).