AUDIO: Bobo Writes a ‘Very Professional’ Letter to the President Urging Action on One Policy Issue

“I said, ‘I’m going to write a letter,’ and dammit I did it,” the frequent Stern Show caller and superfan proudly tells Shuli

April 18, 2018
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Bobo might not seem like the political type, but as Shuli Egar recently discovered, one policy issue has the Stern Show superfan so worked up he wrote a letter to President Trump.

Before even revealing the contents of his letter, Bobo wanted to highlight the fact that he undertook the project all on his own. “I said, ‘I’m going to write a letter,’ and dammit I did it,” he told Shuli. “I went onto Microsoft Word, typed it all up, and did it very professional.”

“What moved him to write the president?” Robin Quivers asked Wednesday.

It seems the issue that has Bobo fired up is the Common Core State Standards Initiative, an educational policy seeking to establish “high-quality academic standards in mathematics and English language arts/literacy (ELA).”

In his letter, Bobo first praised President Trump before getting to his main thesis. “You are still on a mission to repeal Common Core. I have a son who is 11 years old and has been a thorn in our side with regards to the education system,” he wrote. “It’s to my understanding that at least 30 or more states are under this standard. I would really appreciate it if you could convince these states to get rid of the Core.”

Hear him read his entire letter (below).